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Hacking experiment from Diego Araos in controlling a camera-mounted ParrotAR drone with an Oculus Rift and head tracking - video embedded below:

Integrated Oculus Rift head tracking and video feed with the AR Drone to make a head motion controller. It’s really fun and latency very low.

This project is open source and a fork of another of my projects drone-swarm (to control several AR Drones within one network)

Source code can be found at GitHub here

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The curtain mesh is probably a lot nicer to use with video. It sort of struck me how few things people do with video in the UI department. Obviously, video is somewhat resource intensive but I did find it to be still surprisingly performanent to map the video onto a mesh and play with it. There’s…

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Breaking Bad / S05E01 / Live Free Or Die


Breaking Bad / S05E01 / Live Free Or Die

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Breaking Bad / S05E16 / Felina


Breaking Bad / S05E16 / Felina

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Gravity (2013)

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Oh, amazing world: Absolutely astounding photographs of marine worms, some previously unknown to science, by Russian photographer Alexander Semenov, taken at the Lizard Island Research Station near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the White Sea Biological Station in northern Russia – the most breathtaking thing since Mark Laita’s Sea series

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There but for the grace of god

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Chat 10 Mar 4 notes No one wants to go to the gas station on the way to work
  • Husband: Are you going grocery shopping today?
  • Me: Yeah. I think I have to.
  • Husband: Awesome.
  • Me: I mean, I need to leave the house to get gas before I have to go to work tomorrow anyway.
  • Husband: UGH. I wanted you to go grocery shopping in my car so you would put gas in it for me before I have to go to work tomorrow.

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